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Patients often leave testimonials based on their experiences with my service. View a sample of the testimonials below to see what I can do for you.

‘A Life Changing Experience’

“I've come to see David because of my difficulty of being intimate with my husband. I had tried going to gynaecologists, psychologists, and psychotherapists. To be quite frank they made it worse. I've been going to David now for about 3 years and it's been a life changing experience for me. David has helped me uncover so many things that were holding me back in all aspects of my life. Has it been easy? NO. Were there times where I said to myself what am I doing? YES.

“But I would do it all over again. Through David’s guidance and healing powers I have grown into the person I am today whom I love and cherish. I still find it difficult at times to be intimate with my husband but there's a long history of negative memories and hurt that need to be dealt from my husband’s part too. However, after knowing my husband for 15 years it is only in the past 3 years that I have finally enjoyed being intimate and actually initiated myself. So this has definitely been a successful therapy for me. Thank you David!” – Joanne

‘I Was Healed Completely’

“I was very sick and thought that my end was very near. I had so much pain in my stomach, belching so much during the day and even at night, finding it very difficult to sleep. For years I have been under medical care, also had to have many medical tests and was given so many different kind of pills. It was useless as the Consultants could not find the cause and why I had so much pain.

I prayed and prayed so hard that at least someone would find out what was wrong with me. I was not ready to die. While watching TV, I heard David talking about healing energy and felt that he could help me. After some sessions, I had no more pain, no more belching and did not have to take any more pills. I was healed completely. I also turned to David for help when I lost my sense of smell, again with his healing energy I regained my smelling sense. David even helped when I was so stressed that I was on the edge of breaking down.

When I talk with someone who is sick or in pain and I mention David, they would smile and say that they do not believe. God has said he will send others in his name to heal the sick. David has been gifted with this extraordinary power but one has to believe and have faith. Thank you, David. God bless you – J. M. Borg

‘Healing Energy’ – An Absent Healing Testimonial

“At the end of last year, my husband was diagnosed with a very rare blood disease. Having myself taken advantage of hands-on healing with David Cunningham, following a lumpectomy eight years ago, we sought David's help again. On this occasion, David was out of the country, so hands on healing was not possible, in desperation, we accepted absent healing.

“It is now four months since my husband's diagnosis and after having a course of chemotherapy, and David's daily blasts of healing energy, his blood counts are now within the normal range and he is recovering and doing well. Unfortunately, whilst caring for my husband, I badly scalded my leg, caused by accidentally upsetting a pan of boiling water. David came to the rescue again and I too had daily sessions of absent healing. I experienced no pain with the burn and my leg has healed beautifully without any problems.

“We thank God for bringing into our lives, David Cunningham, and his spiritual healing with both his hands-on and absent healing.” - D&R

‘I Felt So Well’

“For more than four years I had pain in my stomach and was feeling very sick, belching for hours on end was a great problem during the day and at night. I felt very tired and very worried. Although I went to different consultants and went through many tests, they said that there was nothing wrong with me. It was only acid reflux, so I had different kinds of pills that were useless and made me feel worse.

“I was very unhappy and so worried and feeling so sick I wanted to die. I had no more faith in medical people and knowing that they couldn’t find what was wrong with me I was at my wits end. Then I was watching a TV program and Mr.  Cunningham was introduced and talked about the healing, and I felt that he would heal and help me.

“After the first session I felt so well that my family couldn’t believe the change in me and kept asking every now and then how I was feeling. But after a few days I had a relapse and when I asked David about it, he said it’s a reaction. After six or seven sessions, I feel great.

“David, how can I thank you for healing me from that horrible pain and belching.” – M. Borg

‘Astounded and Profoundly Grateful’

“I have consulted David Cunningham for healing several times over the past eight years. Because healing has worked so well for me in the past I did not hesitate to try this method again when I injured my arm in a fall on the ice we had in the North East of England on 16th December 2011.

“I had severe bruising to the outside and inside of my elbow and immediately afterwards, taking off my coat resulted in pain shooting up from my wrist to my armpit which left me breathless. The following day, the pain and weakness in my arm made simple things such as getting showered and dressed very difficult. The day following that I visited the Accident and Emergency Department of my local hospital where they did X rays which confirmed nothing was broken. I left there with strong painkillers and a compression bandage.

“David started treating my arm on the day of my visit to the A&E and every day following that until 9th January 2012. I did not need to take the painkillers I had been given, which was a blessing, as they were not compatible with alcohol. A teetotal Christmas and New Year was a terrible prospect.

“During that period the pain gradually diminished and strength built up. During one healing session, I could feel the pain actually moving down my arm and disappearing as David's hand moved it away. I am not sure if the injury was to tendons or ligaments but speaking to people who have had similar injuries doing sport, I and they are amazed that my arm has recovered in under a month.

Once again, I am astounded at and profoundly grateful for the wonder of spiritual healing.” - Ann Fergusson

‘No Words Can Express My Gratitude’

“On the 17th September 2007 I was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour that was growing by the hypothalamus and given three to six months to live. By December I was in a very bad way both physically and mentally. In January 2008, my partner Derek took me to see David for my first treatment. We had been looking for a healer for the last couple of months and had finally found him on our doorstep via the internet, after looking at people from all around the globe.

“During my first treatment David asked me a lot of deep questions about my past and health up until that point. David made no promises but said he would do all he could. After my first treatment, I started to notice that I didn't feel cold and all the time and my mind was a lot clearer. That night David rang my friend and said he believed it was vital that I receive the healing as often as possible, around two treatments a week, but it was obvious that we couldn't afford that, so he offered a special deal where he dropped the price.

“As time passed the people around me started to notice some changes in me, for one I started to be more talkative and outgoing. I also looked brighter, was more animated, and the look of sadness that I always had started to go away. You see I had endured emotional, physical, and sexual abuse as a child every day for over four years, which was still having a major effect on my life.

“I had suffered terrible nightmares every single night for over twenty years because of the abuse. As the treatment progressed the nightmares started to change. At first they began to reduce in number, and after some time the following dream happened. It started as the nightmares always did, with me being chased by my abuser through a wood. For the first time in any of these dreams I came into the clearing and standing there was my mother. She has died 15 years ago. She told me to stop running and handed me a sword, at which point my abuser entered the clearing shouting that I had lead him to her. And as he advanced my mother my mother came up behind me and said 'you know what you have to do'. A wave of anger came over me and I charged. After fighting with him for some time, I killed him and my mother came up to me, hugged me, saying 'now you never need fear him again'.

“That is the last time I have dreamt of him. From this point on the treatment seemed to accelerate, with my health getting better faster and faster, with a marked reduction in the symptoms of the cancer. Now after 28 treatments and 6 months I am at a point where I think that I have come to the end of my treatment. Why you may ask? Well simply that I am now fitter and healthier in mind, body, and soul then I have ever been. Sitting typing this in late June feels a bit strange because if it hadn't been for David, I would have been dead months ago. Now I feel I can look forward to the rest of my life, even plan my 27th birthday!

“No words can express my gratitude to David. The God he serves has truly blessed him.” - Mark

‘Well Worthwhile’

“To Whom It May Concern

“In the hope that other doctors may be interested, I would like to record my experience of referring patients to a healer, David Cunningham, for treatment of various health problems. My first referral was actually my own daughter, who on her return from a skiing holiday, was crippled by an acute exacerbation of chondromalacia, which was not helped by intensive physiotherapy and orthopaedic consultations. Two healing sessions completely relieved her pain; as a sceptic beforehand, she was particularly impressed by the tremendous feeling of heat radiating from the hands of the healer.

“Even more dramatic was the experience of a trainee doctor in our practice who was losing three days per week from work because of severe chronic iritis, was not responding to treatment at Moorfields, but was completely relieved by two sessions of healing and has remained in remission since.

“Other patients treated include a man of 22 with chronic severe eczema, who had complete relief, as did his mother with recurrent asthma. A man of 70, who was house bound with a stroke recovered enough power in his affected arm and leg to allow him to do his own shopping. Another patient who had been unable to work for a year with severe lumbar disc problems was able to return to work after two sessions.

“Results like these are difficult to credit, but observing the healer at work, one is aware that something very meaningful is happening to the patient. A powerful source of energy is being channelled through the healer's hands. It is well worthwhile to refer any patient for healing, particularly if they are not responding to normal treatment. It was made easier for me to make the first referral because of what I still think of as a minor miracle, which happened to a friend and patient of mine three years ago.

“I had tried every treatment I knew of for her severe post-herpetic pain of two years standing, including acupuncture, local steroid injections, and deep hypnosis without effect. She referred herself to a healer who produced a permanent cure in one half-hour session. Of all these patients, the most abiding memory is of my trainee lady doctor crying with the pain of her iritis, despite heavy doses of steroids, and the next working day happily smiling in her morning surgery.” - Dr. S. E. Browne, MB, BCh

‘The Healer With the Heart’

“To Whom It May Concern

“David Cunningham is a man who is indescribable. Seeing him is believing. He has an angelic face that oozes with a unique energy that is very rare and beautifully powerful. That very energy emanation is the nature of his being. In his presence, you immediately feel different about yourself and your attitude; the stress begins to lessen. David Cunningham is a healer who is truly a messenger of God. The energy of God's love moves through his fingertips. This is not about religion, but a much higher order called 'Faith.' In order to change the consciousness of individuals, society, and culture at large, people, the media, and word of mouth are required to create a new wave of being.

“There are many charlatans in this universe that espouse bunk and junk. These people prey on those in need, as vipers, utilizing their misery and pain for profit at any cost to the individual. David Cunningham is the real issue in mind, body, attitude, spirit, and soul. I ask of you to reach out to David Cunningham and make contact, for your life will change upon his gaze and touch. There are numerous, amazing case histories to cull from to fully understand his unique ability.

“As a doctor myself, speaking about David Cunningham, I must unequivocally say there is a divine intervention within this man; and I hope and pray, with all my heart, that others have the opportunity to be touched and enriched by a man who truly knows the meaning of heart and caring. His life history is a fascinating mosaic of his evolution as a healer. I would not write this without benefit of a profound personal experience with Mr. Cunningham. As the song states, 'What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love.' This is the message that breathes through David Cunningham and is injected into your mind, your body, your heart, and your soul.

“When an individual is a part of a dominant minority and has wisdom and knowledge to share, that can become a treasure and enrich our lives. I will reach out to those who can open the doorway to help others in a most significant manner. For individuals to be able to recapture the pulse of life, to be able to no longer wear the past tense in the present emotionally, is truly the liberation of individuality.

“Each of us has our own unique road map of life, with multiple detours for reasons unknown. To recharge that map in its natural energy is our ultimate desire. David Cunningham can bring that natural rhythm back in your life by re-energizing your mind, heart, body, and soul. "Renew the spirit," as David would say. Allow God's energy to flow through you. Live life in love, with love. The quest for Shangri-La truly exists.

“Once again, I hope and pray that you all allow yourselves and those you know to experience the road to Shangri-La, and open your heart and mind to David Cunningham, the healer with the heart and the magic to make the difference in your life.” - Dr. R Edell, Ph. D.

‘Changed My Life Forever’

“Over a period of at least 14 years, I have suffered from severe joint and muscular pain and stiffness. The condition isn't life threatening but is debilitating.

“I have seen many specialists over that time, who between them, have given me a different diagnosis on each occasion. The bottom line was in my case the condition wasn't curable, the only option available to me was to try to dull the pain with painkillers. Over the years I have tried many different drugs prescribed to me by my own G.P. Eventually, I decided along with my G.P.'s agreement, that I wouldn't take any more of them because they weren't working. I was harming other organs in my body without any benefit of pain relief.

“The long-term prognosis was ill health for the rest of my life. I read an interesting article in the local paper about a man who had the power to help people to overcome their health problems. My wife also read the same article and the next thing I knew an appointment had been made for me to meet David L Cunningham.

“I was very sceptical but also extremely curious as I travelled to that first appointment. On meeting David my mind was put at rest. I really don't know what I expected but who I met was a person who was able to put me at ease immediately. I was happy for him to try to help me and after the first session I noticed an improvement in my condition. In total I had 7 sessions with David and now feel my health has improved beyond my greatest expectations, I now know I needn't spend the rest of my life in pain. Taking the first step to make that appointment has literally changed my life and outlook forever.” – Terry

‘Divine Intervention’

“I met David for the first time in 1993. Shortly afterwards, I put my back out for the third time in as many months and decided to risk a healing session. David began by clearing my Chakhras and then worked around the area of my injury.

“When he had finished with my back, he asked if I had any other problems and I explained that my left knee had been giving me some grief, particularly when climbing stairs. As I lay there on my back, David's hand hovered a few inches above my knee and I felt the inside of my knee moving around as if something was beneath the flesh. It was very surreal and very memorable. Suffice to say, in the years since my back has been much stronger and I have never had another problem with my knee!

“When we met, I had a three year old son, (Stuart - forgive me, name changed) who has Down's syndrome. He had a congenital heart defect at birth which had required surgery and in those early years was very prone to chest infections and congestion. Soon after my first healing session with David I took Stuart along. Because of the congestion, Stuart was very unsettled and David was finding it difficult to work. David turned to me and told me that he was going to ask Spirit to make Stuart sleep so that he could work. Within thirty seconds, Stuart fell asleep in my arms - once again I was amazed. I have no doubt that the healing session that followed help Stuart to build up his strength and fight off the constant chest infections.

“David moved away from the area where I live and while we exchanged Christmas cards, we only met a couple of times over the intervening years and spoke on the telephone once in a blue moon. Then last year, 2005, Stuart had to go into hospital for heart surgery to repair a complication which had arisen as a result of the surgery when he was a baby. The surgery went well but there was great difficulty in weening him off the ventilator and after the second unsuccessful attempt, he nearly died. Within 24 hours of that event, I received a phone call from David. I don't know why he called at that particular time, while Stuart was still fighting for life, but I believe God sent a message.

“David told me that my wife Jenny and I should sit with a hand over Stuart's heart, think of David and pray. This would enable him to channel the healing power which came from God through us to Stuart. I'm not sure what the ITU Nurses thought of this but Stuart grew stronger and stronger and a week later was strong enough for further surgery where a tracheostomy was fitted. This enabled them to get him off the ventilator, and a few weeks later he was able to leave the hospital. On the day he was discharged, I took him to say goodbye to the ITU staff. The Sister who had been on duty when Stuart had nearly died told me that they hadn't expected him to survive. I believe that David's call was fate and Stuart's recovery was not only down to the skill and care of the Doctors and Nurses but also down to a little divine intervention via David Cunningham.” – Rob

‘Never Felt Better’

"I have suffered from asthma since I was 18 months old. I am now 33, and I have been on numerous inhalers and nebulisers over the year, and I was on 2 inhalers twice a day.

“My dad discovered he had lung cancer just before Christmas 2003 and that my mum decided to seek out for alternative medicines and found David through the internet, my dad started his treatment in the January and is still going to this very day. He said it was the best thing he could have ever done and he was feeling the effects pretty much straight after his 15th treatment. So, I decided to give it a go, and booked 2 sessions. One in the afternoon and the second the day later in the morning.

“My first visit was very strange and very enlightening at the same time, it felt very much like a very big jigsaw puzzle and I had all the pieces but not in the correct order. After speaking to David for about 25 minutes, gradually everything seemed to fall in to place, to which point my mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts, such as the soul is very much like a video cassette and that it is constantly on record and as you die the soul continues to record continuing into the next body, it was all fascinating stuff.

“David then started to do some "hands-on" to which my whole body seemed to go from a state of anticipation to a state of complete relaxation in a matter of minutes. After what seemed like a good couple of hours (it was about 45 - 55 minutes) there seemed like a great burden had been lifted from my chest and to say I could breathe slightly better was the biggest understatement.

“My second visit, the day after, was to be the biggest surprise ever! I still had my conversation with David before moving for the "hands-on" and had explained that I had not even used my inhalers since seeing him and that the night had passed of restlessness, I was slightly confused by this but he had said that the treatment works in either two ways, it will either make you very relaxed or very restless. Anyway after completing the second "hands-on" I sat up and David asked me how I felt and to
my astonishment my lungs felt even more full of air then when I went in. In fact, I said that it had felt like someone had removed my old lungs and replaced them with a new set. Astonished, full of energy, and excited, all the of these feelings and more came over me, and for then next month I can honestly say I have never, in all my life, felt better.

“My next appointment with David was made for about three to four weeks later and I had used my inhalers only one or twice since that second visit, (out of habit more than anything) which was nearly 2 months ago now.” – Andrew

‘Everything to Gain’

“I had been suffering from painful knees for some time and had put it down to two things. Firstly, being overweight and secondly, using a Dictaphone pedal for the past 17 years. I contacted David Cunningham and arranged my first appointment, thinking I had nothing to lose by trying just one session.

“From the moment David opened the door and invited me in, there was a feeling of calmness that I cannot explain. We talked for a while about how I felt about myself and although I did wonder what that had to do with painful knees, nail biting, and being overweight, the conversation progressed to my first healing session.

“The session began with me lying on a couch and after having been asked to close my eyes and relax David placed his hands on my shoulders. From that first contact there was a complete feeling of being safe and a knowing that everything was going to be alright. I felt surrounded by something I cannot explain but did feel very safe and secure. One week later, as my car drew up outside David's home I just felt in my heart that David was about to hear about me, the real me. No-one other than my husband had any idea about my past, and even my husband did not know everything.

“My second session began with us discussing the events over the past week and then completing out of the blue in the middle of the conversation I began to tell David about my past. For almost 35 years I had kept to myself the fact that I had been physically, mentally, and sexually abused my Uncle. David heard it all. It felt like an explosion of guilt and hatred for myself had been released. My second healing session began, and again from the moment David's hands touched my shoulders I was surrounded from head to toe in an experience that I cannot explain. I can only describe it as calmness and gentleness enveloping me.

“My healing sessions are still ongoing and I have not experienced anything other than calmness and serenity. I have to say that I do feel much better about all aspects of my life, including actually thinking and caring about myself which I had never done before. Since about my third healing session, I have had no problems with my knees at all, and because I now feel better about myself I am tackling the weight problem and very slowly overcoming my nail biting habit.

“I would sincerely urge anyone who may be suffering from any form of inner turmoil or unforgiveness to consider even one session of healing with David Cunningham. You really have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.” – Sheila

‘A Truly Remarkable Healer’

“Returning home, somewhat in shock from the bombardment, both physical and emotional, I decided that I needed additional help in order to put up a good fight! I had read about David Cunningham and contacted him via email. His response was almost immediate and from that first exchange and subsequent phone call, I felt "in safe hands."

“I visited him on two occasions prior to my operation, once in London and then at his home. After the first session I felt emotionally calmed and physically soothed, an effect immediately noticed by my daughter who had travelled to London with me. It was after the second visit that I felt that there had been a definite change in the tumour. Only three days later on January 17th I had the mastectomy. Everyone was amazed at my recovery and after three days I was allowed home.

“I visited David again on February 5th. This time he worked on my arm, which was still very numb and restricted in movement. At the end of the session my arm was more relaxed and I was able to lift it above my head. On February 8th. I was given the results of my operation. As predicted, I will have to receive chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the short term and hormonal treatment for 5 years but, surprisingly, certainly to the consultant, was the discovery that the tumour was only 2cm! No explanation was given for this but I was aware of the change, as was David, at that second visit.

“I am determined more than ever to continue with healing therapy alongside the conventional treatment. I know that it has made a difference and while those close to me and the medical "professionals" consider my post-operative recovery "remarkable" (the latter said by the surgeon about my arm mobility and speed of healing) I can only say that the help I sought has been given to me in no small part by a truly remarkable healer. I just wish that he lived in Nottingham!” - Lyn (Nottingham, England)

‘Remarkable Gift’

“David Cunningham is a truly gifted and remarkable man. The general cynical perception (as was my own) of faith healing is so wrong. Such cynicism lacks any real knowledge of just what it's all about and, more importantly, just how it can greatly benefit anyone regardless of their age, social background, or religious bias.

“For my part - let me tell you that in August of this year - the enlarging tumour on my eye-lid was diagnosed to be advanced squamous cell carcinoma. The consultant surgeons were greatly concerned and a series of four, three hour operations were undertaken over September and October. Even if successful, it was forecast that I would probably suffer the inconvenience of having the use of only one eye until the end of the year. The potential impact of such on my business was, to say the least, of added concern.

“The surgeons did a magnificent job and I will be forever grateful to them. However, immediately before my final operation in October, I met David Cunningham. I felt such gentle caring, peace, and calmness in his presence. Learning of his vocation in life, I had no hesitation in placing myself under his healing hands to accelerate the healing process of my surgery.

“What followed was truly astonishing. Before October was out - my eye patch was permanently removed and my vision virtually perfect. The wound from the surgery was healed and is now barely perceptible with no trace of the cancer. So, does Faith Healing work? Yes, it does, I know it does! Do you have to be a staunch Christian for it to work? No. Not at all! All you really need is an open mind, faith in what you are undertaking, and an acceptance that David Cunningham has a unique gift which, for many, is beyond common understanding.

“If you are in any way troubled, whether in mind, body, or spirit, I do urge you to make contact with David. He is a very gentle man, blessed with the remarkable gift of healing." – T. Pearn (Sunderland, England)

‘Many Thanks’

“Just to say many thanks. As you know since before our meeting I was struggling with asthma, but after only one session with you the improvement has been amazing. Before last Christmas I was using my inhaler on a daily basis, and often during the night too. Since our meeting I have rarely had to use it.

“Not only did you help me with my asthma, but with my outlook and general wellbeing. And you helped me to understand that not everything that had gone wrong in my life was my fault. Many thanks once again.” – S. Watson (Cumbria, England)

‘A Man Who Genuinely Cares’

“Our family life was turned upside down when my 13-year-old son was diagnosed with Anorexia. The build-up to the crisis had been almost non-existent, suddenly a healthy child had become something very different. We were thrown into the hands of the local health authority. Private care is a difficult option as no organisation seemed to provide access to the various types of care needed i.e. dietician, psychologist, therapist etc.

“The early advice was to administer drugs if necessary to relieve depression and assist sleep, and keep off school in order to be closely watched at feeding times. We also attended "therapy" sessions trying to establish why this had happened. Some of the research involved trying to understand why he was given the Christian name he had and did it have some deep meaning. Basically, we were going nowhere, the first two months of "care" saw a further weight loss to 5 1/2 stone.

“At that point the family re-took control, I insisted he return to school and through a mutual friend met David. The first meeting revealed a caring man uninterested in baggage or opinion who came into the house almost like a long-lost member of the family. My son had enough of people sitting opposite him looking sympathetic, he was not impressed with another attempt to unlock "his" problem. Needless to say, after a couple of sessions his reluctance had turned to requests about whether he would be seeing David again.

“The current progress report shows a child getting back to normality, gaining weight, spending times with friends, a situation beyond hope a few short months ago. Circumstance forces you into situations not considered before. All I know is the day David walked in our family crisis became more controlled than controlling. A lovely man, a man who genuinely cares. I call him the human mechanic. He looks at the engine and goes about re-tuning it, the mechanics we had met before had made the engine even worse. I looked at my son on bonfire night, running around laughing and had a pensive moment "good old David" – P. Wilcox (Yarm, Cleveland, England)

‘Transforming My Life’

“For over 30 years I had suffered such distress from this condition. When the problem started in my early twenties, doctors did not have a name for it. It is only in the last 10 years that there has been a lot of publicity in the press and it is now a recognised medical condition.

Living with IBS was not only a painful experience, it was embarrassing and expensive! I needed a wardrobe of clothes ranging from size 10 to 16! Attacks were alarming. There was no warning. Suddenly, my stomach would swell up making me look as though as I was 9 months pregnant! It wasn't uncommon for passengers on buses and trains to stand up and offer me a seat.

“I had medical investigations in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, and Malta to name but a few. But the clinicians could only offer medication. I tried acupuncture, homeopathy, strict dieting, meditation, prayers, Chinese herbs, reflexology etc., all to no avail. Then, in January this year, I met you. After our first healing session, I felt incredibly energised. The effect lasted for days. Then during our second session, I felt something "move or dislodge" in my stomach area. I felt my body lighter' and more comfortable. Since that day in January, I have been totally free from IBS. David, how can I begin to thank you for healing and transforming my life.” – C. Leuz (San Giljan, Malta)

‘I Am So Grateful’

My sincere thanks for your help, without which, I believe I would not be here now. I am so grateful for everything you have done. I am a different person, a better one. ‘Thank you' cannot express enough gratitude. My only wish is that other people can find you in time." – E. White

‘Quite Remarkable’

“In May 1994, I discovered two lumps in my breast. I felt terrified, one of my best friends had died from breast cancer the year before and I remembered her discovery and follow up treatment vividly. After a hospital visit, when I was told these lumps were 'suspect,' I visited David Cunningham. After the first healing session, a tremendous calmness came over me and somehow I knew things were going to be ok. Until then, my nerves had been at breaking point, something which was very unusual for me, I had always coped and been in control of my life.

“After my second visit, which was quite remarkable, I lay on the couch and felt as though I was rising from it, then beads of light appeared to be rising from my lumps to some unknown force above and I returned to the hospital. The consultant seemed surprised. One of the lumps appeared to have changed its form and was just a piece of fatty tissue and the other was now a harmless cyst. Both had reduced in size and were now very small. I was give the 'all clear.'

“I returned to David for a final visit; again, it was quite remarkable. I felt as though I was being cradled in some sort of protective care. Once again I felt as though my body was lifting from the couch and I knew I was safe and being cared for” - Dr. B. Barnsley (Countesthorpe, Leicestershire, England)

‘So Much Happier’

"My life has completely changed; I had very bad back problems, which I had for most of my life, and it is now almost gone completely. Arthritis had been gradually creeping up on me, particularly in my hands, and my hands were 90% better after my first visit. Also, a middle ear balance problem, which is now also gone. In my inner self, I feel so much happier and loving to everyone I meet or mix with, and I am quite convinced that this lovely change is also due to David.” – J. Booth (Loughborough, Leicestershire, England)

‘Felt Ten Years Younger’

“I want to thank you very much indeed for your help. I did wonder if you would be able to help as I had tried osteopathy and physiotherapy over the 20-odd years of suffering. I think I was in a state of shock - one minute there was a great deal of pain and the next - none!

“I was very careful for a few days fearing that I might cause the pain to start up again. Three days after I saw you I did have some back pain and was most upset because I now knew what it felt like to be out of pain and I desperately did not want to return to how I was. However, it was momentary and the next day I was alright again.

“I have felt ten years younger, two inches taller, and have a lot more energy than I have had for a very long time. I have been able to stand for quite a long time, whereas before I had to sit down after about 15 minutes. Thank you very much indeed for sharing your gift and giving me a new lease on life! I am most grateful!” – S. Key (Stourport on Severn, Worcestershire, England)

‘The Healing Experience Seemed Very Significant’

“I found the time spent with you at the Hale Clinic extremelybeneficial. During the time when you were ministering healing, I felt a strong burning, energising sensation in my left eye. I do not think this was purely psychological, as I had never experienced anything like this before then. I left the clinic that evening with such a feeling of spiritual and physical energy. I felt so uplifted and wanted to get home quickly to be on my own for a while.

“The healing experience seemed very significant. This feeling of energy and light was with me for the next few days. On the 17th March, I noticed an improvement in my vision. In the next week I began to notice other things, some bright colours, the small light on my kettle. My light perception has become a lot stronger and steadier.

“I feel so encouraged over this. I am working really hard at strengthening the left eye. I am certainly using the eye a lot more. I believe that I have been given strength and grace to make more of an effort, rather than a miracle dropping out of the sky without my doing anything. I realise, of course, that to someone with full sight, these improvements may seem very small. However, to me, they mean a great step forward. There have always been so many disorders with my left eye that any improvement is tremendously encouraging.” – S. E. Moore (London, England)

‘Thank You for Making a Difference’

“I had clutched at every straw I thought would help my son, but nothing had proved fruitful. Then I discovered the Dyslexia Institute, which has helped Oliver a great deal, but the amazing leap forward came after seeing you for a couple of sessions.

“Oliver is reading words. He reads the complete word instead of sounding out every letter. He is also spelling words, which before he would simply say, 'I can't spell.' He said spontaneously only recently, 'I can read.' What this has done for his self-esteem is indescribable. David, thank you for making a difference in Oliver's life.” – M. Flygring (Windsor, Berkshire, England)

‘It’s a Miracle, Absolutely Amazing'

“It’s a miracle, absolutely amazing,” says Jeff Rowland of Tynemouth, who after being given six weeks to live with a killer cancer, turned to a spiritual healer.

Today, six months on, Jeff, 53, has confounded medics at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital, with his incredible recovery from leukaemia. This renowned artist, who in March was told by a specialist he had cancer again and this time they couldn’t fix it says: “They absolutely couldn’t fix it. I had no bone marrow left and couldn’t be given a bone marrow transplant as it would just be destroyed by the cancer and there was nothing more than they could do. I was a bit angry and I said, ‘Is there not anything we can do?’ and they said, ‘Go home, enjoy what you have got and sort out your affairs.’”
Then a friend told him of spiritual healer David Cunningham from Houghton-le-Spring. Barely able to walk and battling pneumonia, Jeff arrived at David’s home on April 15 this year: “It was the last throw of the dice for me. After being told by the best medical brains that we have here there’s nothing more could be done, I made my will and had a living wake with my mates from Wallsend Rugby Club.”
Spiritual healer, David, 71, who says he has the power to heal in the palm of his hands, developed what he believes is a God given gift after being taken hostage in Iraq and held as a human shield in 1990. It was then he made a pact with God, that if released he would devote his life to healing. People claim he has cured cancer and helped other ;’including helping actress Hayley Mills who was suffering from whiplash following an accident. He says: “I give no promises only I will do my best.”

Ten days after Jeff’s first session with David, he returned to the Freeman where twice a week he was given three pints of blood to keep him alive and was amazed to learn his haemoglobin had jumped ten points. He has print outs of the scientific data showing how his white blood count and haemoglobin continued to go up and up. “That’s proof that my healing with David was no a placebo. You can’t lie to their numbers. It’s what they rely on but they didn’t know the truth of what I was doing. Two months after first seeing David I no longer needed blood transfusions.”
David continued working on Jeff’s lungs and heart by placing his hands on the areas where he explains: “I can feel the vibration of some pain or disease. My hand is a scanner. It’s a pure gift from God.
“When we are not at peace our bodies are not at peace and if you clear your soul of all hurt and pain and if you can find forgiveness it helps your physical body.”
After five weeks of thrice weekly visits to David, Jeff says: “The specialists were amazed because I wasn’t having chemo .”
He was first given three months of chemotherapy from December 2015 after the bombshell news that he had leukaemia. Jeff who had a kidney transplant in March 2011 had gone for a routine check-up, only to be told he had the most aggressive blood cancer: “It was like a sledgehammer to the head.” He broke the news to son Chris 23, his mother who has since died and sister Helen who lives in North Shields. After aggressive chemotherapy he was in remission by February last year. But in the September the cancer returned. He couldn’t have any more chemotherapy and was given a 50/50 chance of survival. By March this year with no bone marrow left and no hope of any transplant, Jeff says: “It was end of life as far as the doctors were concerned. The Marie Curie people were coming to see me. I had a non-resuscitation form in the house. I was at that level.”
Today he says he absolutely believes it is David’s healing hands that have given him his life back: “I completely believe it. When you are in a position of dying you turn to anybody. I truly believe it’s in the attitude. I have never been a bible basher, I just think there is another way. I believe that David has the gift of healing and that there is a divine power and something more than we can understand as humans and by opening up there is another way other than drugs. I believe that drugs have their place but it is important for me to tell my story. If only one person takes this up and survives the way I have done and can break through and be given hope and positivity.”
Sitting in David’s home, Jeff glows with health and says: “Something happened here and changed everything. It wasn’t the chemo. Chemo was off the menu. They said there is nothing we can do, you are going to die. I believe there is some other way and when you are given those words don’t just accept it. Find something, find hope. I do believe there is a divine power that has saved me via David. We don’t know it all but as far as this is concerned when you are given a death sentence I do not believe that’s it.
“I feel amazing. I am back doing my dream job which is art and looking at the rest of this year and looking forward to my birthday in January. I didn’t think I would see it.”

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