Healing of the Mind, Body, and Soul

Further Reading

Staying up-to-date with prominent individuals in the spiritual healing process is made easier with these helpful links. Read on for more information.

National Federation of Spiritual Healers

Healing has been available since the beginning of recorded history. The NFSH, was founded in 1954, and it’s the principle organisation for spiritual healing in the United Kingdom. It is a registered charity governed by a board of trustees drawn from the membership.

Linda Lee Ratto (Ed.M. Author, Educator, Consultant, and Coach)

Educator, author, consultant, and mum of three, Linda speaks from her training and family experiences. She often quotes the children her family has met over the years. She has written a variety of intriguing books that are filled with insightful information.

Corinthian Healing Association

Groups and development circles are available within this organisation.

The Truth Contest

This is a contest to find and spread the truth about life and death

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