Healing of the Mind, Body, and Soul

Understanding Chakras

That Old Black Magic, Old White Magic, Old Light Magic

What is this Thing called "Healing"?

Healing is an ancient art that has been practiced for thousands of years. Healing can help people with many mind, body and soul issues-physical and emotional problems, as well as pain.

Healing is a God-given gift, the universal all-beings' gift. The man we call Jesus was an incredible healer, teacher, guide, and beam of Love and Light. In the past 2,000 years, there have been increasing numbers of people who have trained themselves to channel God's energies. The job of a Healer is to channel, transfer, transmit this God-energy, this higher energy, this life-force energy, into the person with whom the Healer is working.

A Healer channels this energy through his or her hands as best serves the person needing relief. The energy emitted from the Healer will find its way to mind, body and/or soul - wherever it is lacking or blocked from the patient's health-filled state. Life-force energy is intelligent energy of the highest form and goes right to the recipient's problem area. Perhaps the easiest way to understand this energy is to call it the Love Energy.

People often ask, "Why do we even get sick, why must we be in need of healing?" I believe that when a person is not in harmony, illness can begin. The way to keep good continual health is to go forward in life in unconditional love for self and fellow man. "Love thy neighbor as thyself." "Do no harm, only love." This sounds simplistic, yet love is what runs the healthy world of living beings. Unfortunately, far too few people practice unconditional love on a daily basis.

When a person buries a painful experience, the body begins to vibrate its God-given balance of energies differently. This difference can bring disease if the pain is not cleared. I believe that almost all illnesses come from within. The word disease, is actually "dis" + "ease". We're not at peace or in harmony with life when we push our problems inward or think in a downward spiral of "Why me? Oh my, I am a victim. Poor me." All this uneasiness and negativity will eventually filter through the soul and strike out at the physical body, mind or soul. In Adele Gerard Tinning's God's Way of Life, Jesus conveyed, "No healer can be used by the 'Higher Forces' unless he loves all of humanity. Healing is love energy used in the right way." Ultimately, it is my personal belief that healing is God's demonstration of His love for His children. I believe that everyone has the right, every person has enough vibration and enough love energy to help a neighbor, friend or any man, woman or child. Love is the vibration of healing. It is God's energy force in which I work.

Why do you think you have become unwell?" My first question often takes people by surprise. It is very difficult for people to recognize that things stuffed and kept inside from their past can cause present ailments. Unfortunately, we do not live in an unconditional-love society. Certainly, most of us have good intentions and know many kind, loving people. We often, however, find ourselves in unloving environments, which compounds personal negativity and illness. Mankind does not teach love as the most primary responsibility. Love is the most important of jobs we have on Earth. Schools teach reading, writing, arithmetic, and how to use a computer. Not enough people teach about life and why we're here. Some churches, some groups, some families try, but as a whole society, we need far more loving in our lives than what is demonstrated today.

Chakras are fields of light connecting mind, body and soul. Our life-force energy comes from God, enters through our Crown Chakra and swirls clockwise through the eight chakras' "wheels of light." The life-force energy then leaves through our Base Chakra and enters the Earth, thus grounding us in life.

Our life-force energy is always meant to flow in a clockwise fashion. If, for any reason, this life-force energy becomes blocked and cannot flow throughout the chakra points, or if it begins to flow in an anti-clockwise manner, an unbalance can result and a person can become ill.

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