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Providing advice and guidance to those that want to hear it, I have authored a range of books that cover my life, my beliefs, and the benefits of spiritual healing. View a sample of my books below:

SHIFT Your Life!

"For those who believe, no explanation is needed. For those who do not, there is never enough."

“David L Cunningham has been an accredited Healer Member of The National Federation of Spiritual Healers since 1993. He is ordained in the United States as a Minister of Healing in 1999. His client list includes Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, as well as a string of celebrities that take him all over the world.

“Co-Author, Linda Lee Ratto, Ed.M., is an educator with decades of experience. She has served as a classroom teacher, principal, and corporate CEO. Author of six books all listed in amazon.com™, her titles have been on the New York Public Library's best books lists for years.”

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Holy Hostage

"Grounded in the empowering new spirituality movement, lead by Neale Donald Walsch, spiritual healer David Cunningham's life is one for the movies."

“Back in 1990, David was captured by Saddam Hussein's army and held in a bomb plant as a human shield. 100 days later he was a changed man, realizing that the "little magical healing moments" in his life were clues to gifts meant to be shared and taught to humanity. David began his professional wellness practice on the day that he was released. He is a certified British healer and Reverend of the healing ministry (California), and is in his 18th year of freedom to help others heal themselves.

“The book's almost 300 pages contain so much. Readers experience a personal healing session with instructive how-to guides, along with a fascinating story of how one person realizes his own unique gifts. Of course, everyone can heal or shift something about themselves, so this book has lots to offer the person with an open mind.”

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What Love is… By What it is Not

“Faced with a life-threatening and family-altering diagnosis, Leigh, and her husband, Ben, comb the globe, researching all traditional and complimentary ways back to health. She is a young mother of three and simply cannot die. In her heightened awareness to getting well again, Leigh opens herself to new, key people who offer profound learnings and ultimately her cure. This short, powerful novel weaves questioning cherished beliefs with intriguing and sometimes mysterious ways of addressing an everyday concern.

How do we maintain, throughout life's challenges, the optimal health of our bodies, minds, and spirits? Is it belief in an afterlife that brings joy and hope to our days? Is reprogramming our minds to positive, supportive thoughts the secret back to balanced health? The novel's characters tell their stories and how they've realized what they can do for themselves to maintain a healthy vitality and vigour. Here is an excerpt from the book:

"It is breast cancer." Sweat popped, beading her brow. Tears sizzled down her cheeks as the doctor repeated, clarifying, "Breast cancer stage three." Leigh heard the blood boiling through her veins. Her heart skipped. But I have three children, I can't die. I will not die now. Her husband, Ben, held her hand firmly. Little did she know then that her life attitude, along with help from those she hadn't met yet, would get her through. Little did she realize that a credo she'd been raised with, 'You can live well through anything by getting past or around all road blocks,' would pave her way up a rabbit hole grander than the adventures of Alice in Wonderland.”

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