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Ease Your Pain

It’s easy to dismiss spiritual healing if you haven’t tried it, but for some people, it truly makes a difference to their overall wellbeing. I, David L. Cunningham, channel divine energy to completely cure a range of conditions. View a sample of testimonials from my clients to see the results for yourself.

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About Me

As a spiritual healer with more than 40 years of experience, I have the knowledge to deal with a range of physical and emotional problems. With the ability to permanently provide pain relief through the divine power of touch, I aim to help you feel secure in yourself and your capabilities. It’s an extremely bespoke service, and each of my clients are treated as an individual with their own beliefs and problems. Don’t suffer in silence. Trust in me, David L. Cunningham, and embrace the power of spiritual healing. As a member of The National Federation of Spiritual Healers, I adhere to strict regulations to ensure your wellbeing.

Ease Your Pain

Are you suffering from lower back pain, acid reflux, migraines, high blood pressure, or digestive issues? If the answer is yes and you can’t find a cure, you should reach out to The Spiritual Healing Centre. With a wide-range of experience in this field of business, I have permanently cured health problems around the world. I use spiritual healing to detect energy imbalances in your body. These imbalances are the cause of these health issues, and I subtly correct the problem to allow your body to fully heal.

Practiced for thousands of years, healing is exceptionally important. As well as easing pain, it aids with many mind, body, and soul issues. View more about this ancient art below.

What is Healing

Healing is a God-given gift. The man we call Jesus was an incredible healer, teacher, and guide. In the past 2,000 years, there have been increasing numbers of people who have trained themselves to channel God's energies. The job of a healer is to channel and transfer this higher-energy into the person with whom the healer is working.

A healer channels this energy through their hands as best serves the person needing relief. The energy emitted from the healer will find its way to the right areas. Life-force energy is an intelligent energy of the highest form. It goes right to the recipient's problem area. Perhaps the easiest way to understand this energy is to call it the Love Energy.

The Origin of Illness

People often ask me why we become sick in the first place. I believe that illness begins when a person is not in harmony. Offer unconditional love for yourself and your fellow man and you will experience good health. "Love thy neighbour as thyself." "Do no harm, only love." This sounds simplistic, yet love is what runs the healthy world of living beings.

A painful experience effects the God-given balance of energies around the body. If you do not clear your pain, it may manifest as an illness. I believe that all illnesses come from within. Pushing your problems inward decreases your peace and harmony, which in turn negatively strikes your body, mind, and soul. It is my personal belief that healing is God’s demonstration of his love for his children. Love is the vibration of healing, and it is God’s energy force in which I work.

The First Question

‘Why do you think that you have become unwell?’

This first question often takes people by surprise. It’s often difficult for people to recognise that past events can often cause present ailments. Most of us have good intentions, and we know many kind, loving people. Often however, we find ourselves in an unloving environment which enhances personal negativity and illness. Love is the most important job on earth, yet mankind does not teach it as the primary responsibility.

Schools teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, yet they don’t teach us about life. Churches, groups, and families try, but it is not good enough. As a society, we need far more loving in our lives than what is demonstrated today. Therefore, most people need healing.

Hayley Mills – Her Experience

Beginning her acting career at the age of 12, Hayley Mills, daughter of the actor Sir John Mills, is an advocate for spiritual healing. She lives a healthy lifestyle thanks to her beliefs in vegetarianism and spiritual healing. Here is a sample of an article she was featured in:

“A girlfriend who owns stables in Surrey told me about healer David Cunningham. They had called him in as a last resort to help a horse that had a badly injured leg. David was so successful that they also asked him to give healing to their groom who had an ankle injury. I intuitively felt that David might be able to help me and decided to meet him.

“David explained that he would help to unblock energy points in my body much the same way as acupressure massage or acupuncture would - but without touching me. After my first treatment I still felt very tired, but I was much calmer and more able to cope. It was like having my batteries charged. As the treatments progressed, extraordinary things started to happen. An old whiplash injury was causing me considerable pain in my upper arm, neck and shoulders. I asked David to concentrate on this area and suddenly, even though he was not touching me, I could feel the heat from his hands.

 Source: The Daily Mail - Page 33 (Monday, December 2, 1996)